When you visit Soma Healing Studio, you can expect your needs and concerns to be addressed in true holistic fashion. To find out more about the Holistic approach, our “How It Works” page may be an excellent place to start.  

An intuitive combination of Progressive Kinesiology and Integral Sound Healing are the modalities practiced in this studio. Through a system of muscle testing, a kind of bio-feedback mechanism, the practitioner will be able to establish the state of the body’s energy flow and investigate possible blockages or interruptions. The practitioner may recommend adjustments in lifestyle, diet, beliefs, or any other cause that may be negatively affecting your life. The use of sound through Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Gongs and Tuning Forks may also be an important part of the treatment.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

At Soma Healing Studio, we understands the relationship between the mind and body, and its impact on attitudes, beliefs and state of health. Historically, the link between the mind and physical condition is well documented, however with the dominance of modern western medicine, the disintegration of holistic thought has become the default approach to health care. At Soma Healing Studio, we are committed to an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.

Progressive Kinesiology intuitively combined with Integral Sound Healing offers much to the client.  Each session is personally tailored to the individual and may include several of the following treatments and investigations:

  • Meridian flow and associated link to relevant major organs
  • Integral Sound Healing to enhance the energetic process.
  • Chakra balance
  • Auric field state
  • Australian bush flower essences
  • Foods and food additives – sensitivity testing
  • Allergy testing – including common cosmetics and bathroom products
  • Candida imbalance check
  • Check for the presence of parasites
  • Causes of immune system weakness
  • Possible heavy metal exposure

The inquiry process is a collaborative endeavour between the client and the practitioner. A holistic approach recognizes the important role the client plays in their own healing and as such, the client can often suggest the possible direction the therapist may pursue. However, it is common for the results of the muscle testing process to indicate an unexpected priority in another area. This makes each session a process of discovery and learning as the blocks to great health and happiness are organically revealed.

Soma Healing Studio is set in a quiet street in Doonan, about 4 minutes out of Noosa. As an experienced and mature healer, Ross will listen to your concerns with the empathy and understanding you would expect from a caring health care professional.

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