About Me

Ross began his enquiry into alternative health in his early twenties, with a keen interest in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. This turned out to be very helpful as he became involved with Cittamani Hospice Service as a palliative care volunteer. Many clients were confined to long periods in bed and found great relief from a gentle shoulder rub.

After attending the Alpha Dynamic Seminar in the early nineties, he embraced a range of alternative thoughts on diet and mindfulness. This resulted in further study into the role of the mind on health and wellbeing, along with different ideas on diet and supplements.

Ross completed his Diploma in Progressive Kinesiology with Elizabeth Hughes in 2014. This unique diploma integrates Kinesiology with such diverse topics as oriental medicine, energetic healing, food sensitivities and allergies, emotional balance and structural alignment.

He has also completed courses in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives, based on the teachings of Michael Newton.

While practicing privately, Ross has developed his abilities of intuitive massage and energetic alignment.

He began his spiritual journey while only 18, reading and listening to Alan Watts at every opportunity, as well as reading many texts on Buddhism and Taoism. At age 26 he was introduced to A Course In Miracles, and has been a student of The Course and other non-dual thought systems ever since.

The Goal of the Session

Ross’ goal for each session, no matter who the client, is always the same – to be helpful. Given that each individual is responsible for their own life, and that they are ultimately in the position of true power, the role of the therapist can most honestly be stated in these three words.

Each session is a focus of intention by both the client and therapist, resulting in a clear path forward. This clarity will be experienced as a clearer mind, a lighter step and hopefully, a few more smiles for no particular reason.