Different Types of Energy Healing

Energy healing describes any modality aimed at improving the field of energy, often called ‘qi’ or ‘chi’. This can also be referred to as the Life Force and is often associated with chakras and auras. Manipulating and improving this energy field is the work of the energy healer. Treatment is based on the understanding that energy flows between all physical beings, including what would appear to be lifeless (mountains, crystals etc.). Furthermore, it is acknowledged that emotional states greatly affect this energy state. Often a difficult or stressful relationship at home or in the work place can negatively affect energy flow and as a direct consequence, physical wellbeing.

Although the ancient practice of energy healing in various forms has been discarded by scientifically based Western medicine, its popularity has flourished in recent times with the increased understanding of emotional state and its effect on physical health. Energy healing encompasses many modalities, several of which are outlined in brief below:


Reiki is the traditional Japanese practice of using the hands to increase the flow of energy. It is the goal of the Reiki practitioner to open energy pathways often restricted by emotional and physical stress. With this increase in Life Force there is often an improvement in physical health.

Vibrational Healing

This is a form of therapy that uses different tools such as healing crystals and flower essences to increase the vibrational frequency. Flower essences are often associated most strongly with their country of origin. In Australia, the Australian bush flower range has become very popular with practitioners and clients alike. Crystals and flower essences can enhance the energy field and help develop a deeper connection to the quiet centre within.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is a healing modality aimed at aligning and balancing the seven major energy centres of the body. Chakra points may need lifting or even suppressing, depending on their energy levels and how they are affecting each other. Guided meditation is often used to help in the process of chakra balancing.

Sound Healing

Sound healing has grown in popularity recently and is used increasingly in mainstream as well as alternative therapies. As sound is a specific form of energy, it is used to “entrain” the cycles of the brain to certain frequencies, often associated with deep relaxation and healing. Sound healing is often used in conjunction with other modalities such as Reiki and flower essences.


Acupuncture is an ancient energy healing method aimed at stimulating the energy centres associated with the body’s major organs. It is the balance between these energies which is important in acupuncture. Acupuncture originated in China and is said to be one of the highest and most effective forms of healing.